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Abbi Harris
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United States
love drawing, i got fire alpaca, yay! more online stuff! but i have some things to say, first snail did nothing wrong!, second hi, third bye

(would also just like to say my icon is from,, just to give credit)
(PS-might not be anymore if i forgot to change it)


Man I really wish I had a tablet, everything would be some much easier and better. But I'm pretty happy with the way this came out, the hair though, ugh. Its supposed to look kind of misty, but I'm just ranting by now. Any way sorry for not posting in forever, I only got firealpaca a little wile back, and I've been testing with it since. I hope to be posting more now.

(and just so you know, this was inspired by…    she does nice art)
Reacting quickly it whipped around bringing its scythe down on the child's hand. The decaying slowed to a stop, leaving the bare, bone, hand. Which at the moments, is being clutched closely to the small humans chest.
A sigh, a sigh is what breaks her out of her quick, and panicked thoughts.
"w-what" is all she manages as she stares down at the, surprisingly, still moving hand.
"I can not believe this. What am i to do with you now" it seemed exasperated, though, it was hard to tell. It stared at her till she couldn't take it anymore.
"w-what did you do to m-my mom?" she chocked out between sobs of pain and grief.
"really? is that all you are concerned about? ridiculous. You have just almost broken a very delicate balance and now you are asking what has become of you mother?" it leaned in slowly, getting almost uncomfortable close to the child's face.
"were is s-she! she responded, gaining more confidence as she went.
"heh, she is dead, child. Can you understand at very least that simple phrase. Her time has come" it stated, matter of factly. sounding slightly aggravated.
The child remains silent, taking in the information. She shifted, shakily standing up.
"I-I..... please d-don't leave me here." she said, barley keeping her composer as she tried to mach the creatures calmness.
"hmm? you wish me to take you with me? preposterous, do I not frighten you, you touch me, and you die, I and what you call the 'grim reaper' does the thought not make you want to run?"
"p-please, i just... im all alone, a-and, my hand" she responds, thinking of all she can to make it take her, she had nothing left, and the thought of the dark room all alone, and the men coming to take her to a foster home frightened her more that this 'grim reaper'.
"you are a strange one, i suppose your hand would do a big problem. The death would be a big off seating to the balance. 

(incomplete, i will come back to fix sorry, i posted it my mistake but whatever)
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